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Human Services Practicum 2: Dealing with Stress and Burnout

Psychologists are worried that burnout and stress are leading causes of anxiety and depression. In this regard, I take various measures to deal with my workplace stress and burnout.For instance, I ask my supervisor for different responsibilities, take a vacation, find a release like active sports, avoid caffeine, share my stress with people I trust, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Notably, I understand the health implications of burnout and stressAccordingly, the two can result in occupational, psychological, cardiovascular, and other issues (Martínez, 2020; Neukrug, 2017, p. 139)In this regard, practice the preventivemeasures regularly, and so far, my methods are working for me. However, experts recommend various other measures to mitigate the vices, and specific cases demand specific actions

​Several other effective measures also help me deal with stress. I follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for stress management (CDC)Accordinglypeople can avoid anxiousness and trauma by recognizing when they need help, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and taking a break from triggering factors like negative news (CDC, 2021; Neukrug, 2017, p. 11)Nonetheless, if I noticed a colleague relating poorly with clients due to burnout, I would immediately reach out to them for help. For example, I would encourage them to meditate daily, join my team, find aexciting hobby, and be more mindful of their mental health. However, if I were the one working poorly with clients due to burnout, I would take similar drastic measures. Besides, I would exercise more, set goals, and outsource the extra workload. 

​I summation, experts recommend an array of measures to mitigate stress and burnout, and specific cases demand specific measures. For instance, colleagues may be offering poor customer service due to stress or burnout. Similarly, I may suffer from the same, but eating well, exercising, avoiding alcohol and drugs, resting, among other measures would be effective.Therefore, fighting stress and burnout also protects against serious health issues. 


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