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Management is a core4 aspect of organizations. It is a process, which encompasses a wide range of activities that revolve around the processes of planning, coordinating, organizing and controlling and leading within organizations. Management within an organization is a continuous process, and it involves handling activities that are interrelated all with the aim of achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Managers are usually mandated with utilizing all the resources both human and physical for the purpose of achieving the goals and objectives of the organization, and they ensure that the use of these resources is done effectively. Management is very important because it is a basic aspect of an organization and success is based on the how good the management process is within an organization.

Management is associated with processes that ensure work is done by utilizing resources. Organizations exist because of the products they develop or the services they provide. Organizations gather inputs from the environment and convert them into outputs in the form of products and services which can be used by the society, and this means that the output is returned to the environment. The effectiveness and efficiency of these processes are highly dependent on the internal operations of the organization that are all encompassed in the management process. Inputs from the environment are very scarce, and it is a mandate of organizations for the good of the society to ensure that these inputs are not wasted, and this greatly depends on the effectiveness of the management process.

Managers are therefore factors of production in the form of human resources that are very significant for organizations. They are the people that ensure the smooth running of an organization by handling aspects of leading, controlling, organizing staffing and coordinating other sources both physical as well as human.


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