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The United States is both ethnically as well as racially diverse, due to the migration of numerous ethnic groups from various countries (Allen and Eugene 32). As a result, individuals from different ethnic backgrounds have brought various aspects of their cultures such as food, music, and language. “The Chinese in All of Us” is a writing by Richard Rodriguez that takes a look into multiculturalism. Rodriguez, in this writing, clarifies that he is a supporter of the metaphorical pot. In the essay, exposure to ethnic diversity is taken as a merit as one is able to experience diverse cultures, as well as their influences (Rodriguez).

In the reading by Richard Rodriguez, “The Chinese in All of Us”, amongst the significant assertions that the author makes relates to how much other cultures from diverse ethnic backgrounds have influenced the American culture. Rodriguez was influenced by the American culture’s diversity even though his parents were Mexican immigrants. He describes how in all places that one goes, it is very likely for a person to witness the impact of other cultures on the U.S. society. From the food that people take to the music that one can listen, it is probable to note the diversity in the society. A diverse society refers to one that values the variation in individuals. Embracing the ethnic difference in aspects such as language, music, and fashion enables people to co-exist peacefully and be more tolerant to other people.  Diversity is a very significant aspect of life, and it ought to be appreciated (Young 13).

The American society is a very unique one as a result of its diversity in terms of ethnic groups. The United States is influenced by many cultures in the world that have come together, but still remain separate. The ethnic diversity existing in the U.S. makes it to be the most diverse nations, due to its attraction of people from every part of the world (Allen and Eugene 18). The communication involving the members is affected as people are unwilling to converse candidly regarding some things as they think people may not relate to them.

Food: food forms a large component of the identity of people in the society. Different ethnic groups can carve their cultural place as well as to establish their uniqueness with food. In the U.S., the aspect of ethnic identity in terms of food is generally linked with restaurants, particularly given the mainstream reputation of ethnic food in history (Fessha 112). According to William “This has an impact on the American society, as it has made the U.S. lack a consistent national cuisine due to the absence of community eating” (54). This has led to the role that restaurants play, particularly the ethnic restaurants to change over time. The US lacks a single sacred cuisine in comparison to other culinary cultures.

Music: music is another aspect found in a society that is comprised of different ethnic groups. Music genres such as hip hop are commonly the African-American ethnic group. Music genres, for instance, Pop and rock, are very popular among the whites in the United States. Whereas mainstream rock music has no lyrics that are related to either race or ethnicity, the music may instinctively create positive sentiments amongst the white people. Conversely, hip hop music genre, closely associated with the African-Americans, is full of lyrics that may have racial messages (Young 32). Music has immense power to influence the way people belonging to diverse ethnic backgrounds think. Ethnicity in the perception of music can be activated through listening of different genres of music, therefore leading to people forming biases. Ethnic music serves the purpose of describing the manner in which music articulates the historical differences, as well as constructs identities in a contemporary society (Allen and Eugene 92). Ethnic music links a society to a preferred aspect of its past so as to give it a new meaning in the present.

Fashion: The diversity of ethnic groups in the society has a great influence in terms of fashion. There have been “tribal” aspects in fashion, trending on the runways awash with African prints, ikat, as well as Bakit in the U.S. Designers have appropriated aspects that relate to ethnicity and added in a modern spin. The enticement of diverse ethnic dresses in the contemporary society makes people to enjoy different aspects of that arises from various ethnic groups. It enables individuals in the society to select and pick few things from other ethnic groups without necessarily giving up on their identities. Different parts within the U.S. have diverse ethnic diversities, which influence the society as a whole. For instance, sagging of pants is a norm that is found among the African-American ethnic group in Detroit.

Fashion norms in the U.S. are consistent with the ethnic diversity that enriches the country. The states found in the West are generally more into informal clothing in comparison to the states that are found on the eastern seaboard. In addition, the tolerance for body expression that diverges from the normal, for instance, use of body tattoos is strongly associated to the ethnic background that one is from (Makoloo and Yash 7). Diversity does not only lessen the social capital existing between different ethnic groups, but as well in the groups themselves. This implies that in spite of the ethnic background that one stems from, diversity is frequently affected in the smaller groups.

Language: this is a very important aspect that influences a society that has people who come from different ethnic groups. For such kind of a society to exist harmoniously, there has to be a language that can be used as being the official one, so as to facilitate the conducting of different activities such as businesses. For example, in the US, English has been passed as the national language. The U.S. national dialect is referred to as, American-English, which comprise of many regional dialects that have some common unifying aspects that differentiates it from other varieties of English.

In conclusion, the diversity aspect of the society is very significant to the society. It is the difference in the society that makes the society stronger, only if people are ethnically tolerant and appreciates people from different ethnic backgrounds. The communication involving the members is affected as people are unwilling to converse candidly regarding some things as they think people may not relate to them. Diversity can influence people in the society in a negative way. People should, therefore, embrace as well as celebrate the differences that exist in the society, in addition to learning how to work and live together. Diversity is the strength that sustains the American society.

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