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The diversity of gender as well as age in TV commercial is a good marketing strategy that is more inclined towards market segmentation which is more effective in getting a good market position. It is true to say that segmentation of the market through diversity and age is an aspect that is incorporated in marketing campaigns such as TV ads. One of the best times includes between 9.30 to 10.00 pm which is the time that The Modern family show airs on ABC. This research will try and investigate the characteristic of diversity in TV ads based on age and gender. It will try and analyze different ways of representation of people in TV shows and how they influence the advertisements.


Businesses try as much as possible to penetrate new markets improve their market position and engage themselves with new customers. Businesses have to meet the needs of all consumer groups in the society. On the other hand, marketing needs to reach all these consumer groups so as to communicate with them effectively about their products. These user groups have to be well represented in TV ads. Diversity and age representation in TV ads is critical. From the research, gender was a very important factor. Both men and women have almost equal representation in these Ads especially if the Ads have both males and females. However, when it comes to different positioning within the advertisement such as in the foreground and the background, women has more representation than men. This shows that women appeal more to the masses than men and are more represented than women in these Ads. As far as age is concerned, young adults and people of middle age have more representation. They represent youth and vibrancy that appeal greatly to the masses. Diversity and age are, therefore, very important factors in marketing and need to be well understood and incorporated.

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