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Jones is countering advice that Violent Media is bad for children. The prevailing wisdom wanted children shielded from such atrocities. However, Jones has a slightly different take on the subject. This is a discussion that appropriately fits with comic books because Comics have a long history in print and on film of both being violent and being children\'s literature. As Jones is responding to the common wisdom, it is possible for you to enter the conversation and respond to Jones. In response to \"Violent Media is Good for Kids\" (Jones 565), assert your own opinion on the topic but also include how this should shape comic books, comic book characters, comic book movies, comic book based cartoons, and other comic book related media.

            Violence in media is healthy and has many benefits as it is clearly claimed by Jones in his overall review on how violent media is essential in kids. The title in this statement has open meaning, therefore, resulting to its appropriate naming. This claim boosts confidence in many analogies leading to lack of credibility in it. Jones did great work in accessing the controversial claims through involving persuasion, personal experience and passion (Arnett, 98). Moreover, his invalid evidence on fallacious fallacy to support the claim that he was making thus nullifying his arguments as weak ones.

             He starts his argument through taking view of the times in his childhood stages where he see them as being loneliness passive and frightened years in his youth stages. He adds to state that he had feeling of shyness and introversion that was the cause by the strictness of his family on his upbringing. That made him develops a feeling of rejecting to be involved in the school. Explanations on Marvel Comics were the discoveries that he made on the blossoming accreditation in stronger individuals and broke out of this shell. Jones describes that he first described the first hulk character, which mirrored the fantasy shelf criterion that gave him an allowance to explore in the darker side of it (Arnett,89).

              His psyche was not identifiable before though it eventually leads to the development of his social skills and motivational skills. He had claims that that the skills learned through violence in comic books provide the path for his field of specialization in comic book writing and acting the movies. To prove his effectiveness on the matter Jones employed two tactics. First, he went into details of his expertise and previous history on media violence to test his effectiveness as a speaker in mob of people. Secondly, he employs a powerful tool in rebutting analysis to test the relevance of his argument.

            Throughout his analysis, Jones discussed his history on violent with the media. He starts through with analyzing his field of specialization as a comic book writer. Afterward, Jones states his three-year frequent project with Dr. Melanie Moore, who was a psychologist and worked with urban teenagers in the city. This project made Jones’s have most effective tool in using violent media as good in children’s growth. Following Jones analysis in the project, he made the following deductions that his program of Power Play.It helps young people to improve their self-knowledge and sense of potency through heroic, and they become good orators in storytelling to their colleagues thus making them become effective leaders to the society. Analyzing his past analogies to violent media results to the audience have a feel violence in young people is trustworthy and competent source of the matter.

            To add his contribution on ethos, Jones used various analogies to explain how media violence is relevant. In his conclusions, he mentioned that many psychologists have argued that violent stories result to most violence. In other terms media violence used correctly, can be used an alternative method for powering young peoples. Through reading and writing violent documents children expresses themselves wisely and even they can avoid the harsh reality. Argued that frequent violence entertainment in is not harmful in any instance.  He also came up to with a conclusion that the inspiration have helped people in understanding real life violence that have affected many people in a period because they thought that media violence have a great impact on teenagers.

            He argued that media violence does not exist in a real sense only that people fear it without primarily reasons therefore it should not be viewed as a threat to people. The priority of people is to prevent their children from involving into immoral acts such as theft, robbery, prostitution and drug addictions. Recent kids grow in a unique way since their growth is distrustful on themselves and too passive therefore they can easily be manipulated


 The writer of this comic movies and books has been able to create personal tones in his essay writings that enable him to create connections in with his personal experience. This story gives the reader more insight and the set up his essay that always claims that violence leads to excellence to controversies in that are useful as solid evidence. They are good though skills and are important in juvenile despite being so influential. Bravely and strength perspective is iconic in superheroes who are regarded as achievers in the society live.

He stated that more consultancies in public schools and the schools that are owned by the local government contributes to use of violent stories in order to meet the kids emotional developments and how the adults can play their role by telling stories to the children in a mare healthier way in promoting their initiatives to this children so as to achieve their roles effectively. Comic movies and books have helped children in developing power play which. It is a program that is projected in helping young people to improve their self-knowledge and sense of potentials in becoming heroes and thus combating story-telling techniques (Arnett, 110).

 He founded that many aspects have contributed to improving their culture in improving their developmental skills. The pretense to have supper power have an impact on the children feeling on their powerful state that prevails them in their young stage, and they look younger in their instincts. Dual identity concept of in many superheroes has an impact on the child development of ideas between their inner self and public opinions and how they work in their initial stages on how to socialize with other children. In the case there has been identified of any  destructive or rebellious assists the children to push back against modern culture that promotes how to fear things. They should be able to to depend on themselves other than being dependent to their parents. Most fundamental principles in the creation of violence to the kids in comic books and movies include cartoons, playground karate fields, bloody video games, and toy guns that give children the range to identify their potentials. Children feel motivated w whenever they are involved in this skill as they made them look civilized which is the natural sense belonging that someone feels civilized. The  world being comprehensive and uncontrolled by the activities that happen in it, have resulted to masterpiece of terrifying enraged tasks. Rage is another term that is used in  energizing emotions that pushes people to resistance in greater risks and allows them to take control in than can be ever be thought. Though it's also the notion that disrupts most people, and it’s safe to learn in our own how to overcome fear. This can be achieved through imaginary combating and identifying a violent protagonist at children engage in and they develops a feeling of  being fearless and they become capable in utilizing threats in their life challenges as clearly evidenced in comic books and movies. It is clearly identified through his explanation on his life experiences that act as guides in the current living standards.

From his infancy stage and onwards teachers, as well as parents, have exercised violence to the young generation that should be avoided at all expense. They have come up with strategies of using tolerance and cooperation as methods to combat difficult situations to be the main agenda in violating the young kids. Lesson they teach to children should be valid and necessary in their growth.  Jones claims there should be set alternative in preventing such acts to happen to young generations.

            His essay on violent media for kids is effective in their growth since he keeps mastering on provision of creative violence. It includes such acts of violence on cartoons toy guns that influence the growth of children. In other explanations, media violence can serve as an alternative tool for educating children in the adolescence stage of development.  By reading and writing violent publications, children can endear themselves safely and escape from the harsh reality they come across. Jones effectively supported this analogy by using three rhetorical appeals which are; pathos, ethos, and logos. He concluded that people should change their perception on that when children play imaginary gun battles its symbolically wrong, and they are training to become thugs or robbers who are immoral in their life. They should be optimist and generate an argument that may be they training to become military or police officers there in some instances media violence have benefits to kids.








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