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Hunger Games

Apart from being exciting from start to end, The Hunger Games is well directed and presents events in an effective flow.  There is an effective aspect of entertainment presented in the movie’s investment in flashback and throwback. Through its utilization of satire, the movie is able to effectively communicate important messages ranging from family values to the importance of fighting smart as opposed to fighting hard. The movie is not only able to maintain the aspect of action from beginning to end but also ensure it effectively serves its function as a science fiction film. The importance of friendship and the right alliances has been effectively stressed throughout the course of this movie. The author of this movie invests effectively in presenting how friendships form and the important role they play in ensuring success is achieved through joint contributions. The sense of community and value attached to unity are exemplified throughout this movie and the author introduces what peace means to different people and the lengths they will go to attain peace in both the short and the long terms (Bradshaw).

            According to the John Green, there are unique messages being communicated in the movie. The main character is not only a resourceful and tough girl but also a sentimental and kind individual. There are also unique alterations that have been made to the movie – alterations that create great distinctions between the story between the movie and the original novel. The revolution presented in the 13th District was also unique in more ways than one. Although there are extensive investments by the movie producers, the movie maintains the original premise of the story in the novel while introducing a unique form of originality on the same story (Green).


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