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While writing parts of a research paper, one of the most tedious parts of a paper is explaining why you think your idea is significant. We can help with research paper writing. ✍️

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Parts of a Research Paper

Parts of a research paper are the first and the most important things one should know before embarking on the research itself. A research paper has seven main parts that have to be there, even if everything else is missing. These parts of a research paper include:

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Method

4. Results

5. Discussion

6. Conclusion

7. Reference list


The abstract provides a simple summary of the other parts of a research paper; therefore, it is written last. The introduction gives a brief background on the subject while the method is the part of a research paper where you discuss how you will conduct your research. At this point, you detail the tools you will utilize in your research and how you will use them. Results are the other part of a research paper; here, you mention the findings of your results. The next part of a research paper is the discussion where you talk about the results, the implications, and whether you were able to accomplish whatever you set out to do when you started your research. The conclusion part of the research paper brings closure to the entire document. You should not introduce anything new at this point. Summarize everything discussed in the research paper. Finally, the reference list is a list of the sources you used for your research paper. This is important to avoid lawsuits that may come with plagiarism.

What the research paper writing process entails

Unlike other academic writing papers that are simple and straight forward, research paper writing is a lengthy process, and its longevity is based on the fact that it demands research and analysis of the findings of the information obtained from the research.

A student must, therefore, be well versed in the various parts of a research paper, as discussed above.

However, if you are not familiar with all these, you do not have to worry because we are here for you. You will be guided through the entire process, and our writers will allow you to be in charge as they maintain contact with you all the time.

Affordable Custom Writing Services for Research Papers

As you have seen above, each part of a research paper needs skill, and therefore, it can be intimidating for someone unfamiliar with writing research papers or doing research itself. It is for this reason that there are custom writing services for parts of a research paper, as well as full research papers.

When you opt for a professional writer from a research paper writing company to help you write parts of a research paper or a full paper, you will need to pay for their competence. You can either opt for low, reasonable, or exorbitant prices depending on how much background check you have done on the research paper writing company.

With proper research and background checks, you will find a company that offers these services at a reasonable price. The ultimate objective is to get parts of a research paper or a full paper that can guarantee a good grade.

So how much should you pay for any type of original work in any academic field? Well, you may get an expository essay written from Reddit for a small fee of as little as $5 or as expensive as $200. The best way to know how much it should cost you to pay for the services is by checking the reviews of the company you are about to hire. Great reviews guarantee great quality research papers or parts of a research paper. You also need to understand that different fields of study attract a varied price range.

The Process - How Custom Writing Works

The process a professional research paper writer uses indicates whether you will end up with the best grade or just a mediocre one. A qualified writer knows how to do their research to come up with an excellent paper. Here are the logical steps involved in the process:


You find the best company which is specific to the instructions or requirements that you provide. Of course, you will find such a site online with positive reviews on Reddit, or maybe Yahoo search and fill out an online order form. The first step, in most cases, involves an order purchase. However, the objective differs from different writing services. While an excellent writing service requires an order form to find out basic information about your research paper, an essay factory uses it as the sole source of information to embellish an essay template as per the instructions you have provided.


You are linked-up with a professional writer. A competent Essay/Thesis/research writing service has some professional writers who specialize in different types of academic assignments. After you fill out the online order form, they find a suitable writer with the appropriate skills to work on your essay/research paper/dissertation. Most services will match you to a highly rated writer who, of course, has a long experience writing such papers. A writer experienced enough to write 50 pages of a thesis will have an easy time working on any thesis with the same page length, and this is advantageous since the thesis will be delivered in a good time. Chances of making gross errors are also very slim compared to an inexperienced writer who is writing a thesis for the second time.


The writer consults you for any clarifications before he/she can commence working on your order via email or ‘call,’ which will help the writer to find out minute details about your expectations and specific instructions. You can opt to send the files in PDF format, word, or even pictures of specific parts of a book that you need the writer to cite and source out information to ‘write your paper.’


The writer prepares your custom written paper. Only after the professional writer has a clear and accurate idea of your assignment can he/she create a valid document. This involves the creation of a custom-essay from scratch, with original content and clear ideas. An appropriate text is not only about what it says but also how it says it.


You work in cooperation with the writer to perfect the essay. The essay document may not be perfect at this step. You may require adjustments and modifications to the content or the format. The writer must discuss the changes you think are necessary for the document and complete them as per your requirements. For example, you may need a single-spaced document, bold topics, double spaced, etc. Most genuine companies offer free and unlimited revisions until the customer is fully satisfied.

Your level of study in your academic discipline

Now that you have an understanding of how a legit essay writing service will work, the question remains the same - How Much Should You Pay for academic papers which are original and not scrapped? Apart from the expertise available from an essay writing service, another factor also affects the cost of your research paper or parts of a research paper - the level at which you are in your studies.

For a college and high school level student, i.e., the research paper should not be based on complicated ideas and the use of jargon. It is simple and has a smooth flow of ideas and proper formatting void of spelling mistakes and wrong punctuation.

These types of research papers have the least instructions, and less research is required to avoid being off-topic, and therefore, more affordable than other types, writing these requires specific skills. The lack of complicated words and phrases must not become the highlight; instead, the focus must be on the research topic.

For a Bachelor's and Masters’ level research paper, the writer needs to do a lot of research (proper and in-depth research), discuss the details and cite a lot of sources before he/she can put them down on paper.

These types of services of hand-crafting original research papers are generally more expensive than high school and college-level research papers. The reason for this is the writer (who is a Ph.D. level writer and hence competent) needs to spend considerable time to research more on the provided topic and specifically tailored instructions before they can complete the task.

For a Ph.D. and specialized level student (Nursing, Engineering, Law, etc.), the parts of a research paper or full research papers must portray the skills and competence that make the student an invaluable expert in the particular niche. For this reason, the professional paper writer must be competent and specialize in this type of writing. Writing a Ph.D. thesis is no walk in the park, simply because pursuing a Ph.D. program is not a continuation of your undergraduate course, its findings, and developing original research in your area of specialization. In short, it’s adding new ideas that are original to the field of knowledge. A writer working on a Ph.D. thesis is fully aware that at the end of the Ph.D. studies, he or she will be judged by how well he or she carried out the research in the area of expertise and not how well they performed in the courses. You now understand that as long as you maintain the minimum GPA, then you shouldn’t sweat over grades but by how well you perform in your research project. Therefore, you might be interested in investing your time in the research. It is a great strategy to ensure you get the best. However, you need support from an academic partner. We can help you through this and ensure that you achieve just what you want to achieve. We will give you a leg up on the research development and everything else that entails finishing your Ph. D studies successfully. Whether it is with parts of the research paper or the entire paper, we are always ready to assist you.

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