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Career research papers are not as common as regular research papers. Therefore, it might be quite challenging when you first encounter them, let alone know how to write a career research paper thesis statement. Career research papers are, however, the most straightforward form of research paper one can encounter. A career research paper, like any other research paper, should have an introduction. In the introduction, there should contain information about the writer, their interests, and, most important is, a thesis statement. Considering that a thesis statement gives direction to your entire paper, this article will focus on guiding you on how to write the perfect thesis statement for your career research paper.

A thesis statement intends to put forward what you as a writer believe in and what you have to prove regarding the things you tend to believe in. A thesis statement is not simply research without evidence, but it’s factual research based on hard evidence, and that’s why a good thesis statement allows time for research for information and related evidence on the background information. For the case of a career research paper thesis statement, the thesis should state what career you are going to write about, and your personal attributes that you believe go along with the selected career. After which you write a brief supportive statement on why you believe this is so. Begin your career research paper with an introductory thesis which as you go on, you will continue to shape and refine until you are sure of where the evidence leads.


How do you make a thesis statement for a career research essay? ?

β€’    A thesis statement should be contentious, and therefore, it should also provide evidence regarding this controversial issue after proposing and idea regarding the same subject.

β€’    A thesis statement should be specific, accurate, and concise - What are you seeking to find out? 

β€’    A thesis statement should bring out a proper definite conclusion based on your evidence, and at this point, the thesis statement can be altered depending on the evidence acquired.

β€’    A thesis statement serves as a map guiding the reader throughout your work. 

β€’    A thesis statement avoids the use of statements that display a sense of uncertainty, for example, the use of β€˜most probably, might be, etc. 

β€’    Avoid the use of the first person whenever possible. It is possible to write an essay while avoiding the use of the first person. So avoid using β€œI.”

β€’    A thesis statement should answer the questions β€˜what happened next, so what, and what about it?’

5 steps to writing a perfect thesis statement for a career research paper.

Step 1- Come up with a topic for your career research paper

A topic becomes the subject of whatever you are planning to write about, but there are different ways of creating a topic, and you ought to consider a few things before you create the topic. One of the main to consider is the instructions from your professor. They should be your guiding principle in selecting a topic for your career paper

Step 2- Harvest a main point from the topic

Now that you have a topic for your paper and the next step will be to select the main point which your paper will revolve around, and this will end up becoming the main root of your argument, which is the thesis statement. This is important since you will have to base all sub-theses on the main thesis statement as you proceed writing your paper.

Step 3- Draft your career research thesis statement

Create a strong thesis statement that will ensure that the reader has a clear idea of what will be discussed. The draft should contain a statement proposing, for example, what career you are going to explore and what makes the profession appropriate for your career research paper.

Step 4- Fine-tune your thesis statement to perfection

To come up with a detailed thesis statement, you will need to fine-tune your draft so that it turns out to be concise and debatable. There are a few questions you can ask to make sure that all aspects of your thesis statement are properly edited and polished to perfection. This can include:

1.    Asking if your draft thesis does address the paper you are working on

2.    Mind to be a critic on each part of your drafted thesis

3.    Ensure that you have clarified unclear or hard-to-understand sentences

4.    Make sure that you have considered alternatives for your developed thesis


Step 5- Write the final career research paper thesis statement 

Now that you have managed to come up with a thesis statement, you need to craft the final statement. The central aspect at this stage is a concluding statement for the thesis. There are a few things you need to keep in mind during this final step. They include:

β€’    The context of your thesis statement has to align with your course material, which your professor must have provided in class. This will help you avoid discussing issues that are contrary to what your professor expects.

β€’    Do not forget the prompt assigned to you as it is part of the instructions to guide you in the writing process.

β€’    A thesis statement for a career research paper has to be clear, focused on a specific career, and debatable.

β€’    You have the freedom to change your thesis as you progress to write your paper. 

The bottom line is writing a thesis statement for a career research paper is as simple as writing any other thesis statement. The only difference is that on a career paper, the thesis statement has to focus on the specified career.

All of the following must be included in the final paper for full credit. ?

β€’ What is the career?

β€’ What do you need to actually do to become this?

β€’ What degree do you need for entry-level?

β€’ What major?

β€’ Will you need a 4-year degree? Masters?

β€’ Do you need a license, certification, or specific credential to do this work?

β€’ Are there additional credentials/certifications that will allow you to advance or make you more employable?

β€’ What is the current job growth for this career?

β€’ What is the entry-level income? What do you expect to make after several years with additional training and education?

β€’ What types of places might this career be found?

β€’ What elements of this career appeal to you?

β€’ What elements do you think you may like the least?

Career Research PowerPoint.

When you submit your Career Research Presentation: 

Β·      It must contain the following items in this order 

Β·      It must include slide transitions other than the default


β€’ Title Slide – The career/report title, your first and last name/the report author, your instructor’s name/the person for whom the report is prepared, the name of the course (DPR 100), the date (Slide 1)


β€’ Introduction - states your career of interest, two or more reasons why you chose the career, and how the career choice relates to your personality and/or interests (Slide 2)


β€’ Job Description – include one graphic and a clear summary of responsibilities and work environment conditions (Slide 3)


β€’ Education/Qualifications and Training (Slide 4)


β€’ Earnings and Outlook (Slide 5)


β€’ IT skills needed – include one graphic and a description of IT skills needed in the chosen career (Slide 6)


β€’ Other – interesting facts about your career of interest (Slide 7)


β€’ Conclusion – summary of your career of interest and description of what you look forward to about the career (Slide 8,9)


β€’ MLA Works Cited Slide (10)


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