At MyPaperHub, we take so much pride in working towards ensuring the client receives the most satisfactory experience. In light of this, we will always be ready to undertake revisions in instances where the client feels there is a need for correction. However, we advise that revision instructions are kept within the confines of the initial guidelines and that clients desist from introducing new guidelines. There is a re-writing fee attached to cases where clients introduce guidelines that are different from the initial instructions. The writing fee charged is dependent on the nature and level of complexity presented in the new instructions. Clients are advised to contact support for the instances where revision instructions include new guidelines. By doing so, support will not only provide guidance on the re-writing fee but will also ensure that the paper is handled effectively and following the new instructions.

When placing revision requests, clients are urged to take into consideration the interests of MyPaperHub and the writers. Writers and quality control staff from MyPaperHub work extremely hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is upheld at all times. So important is customer satisfaction that MyPaperHub will not compromise anything to dent our image. This is one of the foundational reasons why MyPaperHub’s policy has been set to accept not limited number of revisions. However, clients are advised to continually ensure that revision instructions not only maintain the integrity of the initial instructions. Still, they are also focused on improving the quality of what was previously submitted. In a nutshell, clients are advised to treat and present revision requests in a manner they would have other people do so to them.

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