The Money Back Guarantee policy is designed with two things in mind; to maintain customer satisfaction and continuously guarantee the unsurpassed quality.

One of the core values of our company, which is also a reflection of the greater custom writing and related services community, is customer satisfaction. We can state that almost all of the customers who use our services receive great satisfaction from our services. Due to this, the number of occasions where customers request for refunds is highly unlikely. There are some instances and events where a customer seeks a refund.

Within the custom writing community, companies provide promises for refunds through Money Back Guarantee policies. However, there is a conspicuous lack of clarity in light of the policies and how they function. However, at this company, the Money-Back Guarantee is not only laid out but also tailored to ensure continued customer satisfaction. The situations and conditions that shape up eligibility for refunds are clearly outlined by MyPaperHub. In the money-back guarantee policy by MyPaperHub, the two main sections are:

1. Refunds before the customer have approved the order

2. Refunds after the customer have approved the order

Refunds before the customer approve an order.

In this case, the customer is eligible for a 100% refund under the following circumstances.

1. No writer has been assigned or is working on the order you have just made, and you ask for a cancellation.

2. In the event of double payment or a case where funds for a single order are deducted from the customer’s two times or more.

3. In the event, MyPaperHub is unable to match an order to a writer who is qualified and also fitting.

4. If the paper delivered to a client is outside the deadline, they had provided and thus not usable. In such a case, the client will receive a total refund of their funds but will not be provided with the paper. Additionally, the client will be under an obligation to desist from using any documents or related materials that have been made available to them by the writers or support staff. It is important to reiterate that this condition does not apply to cases of late revisions.

MyPaperHub reimburses 70% of the client’s funds in the event;

1. A customer decides to cancel an order which was already in progress, and less than ½ of the provided deadline has elapsed. The percentage of the refund, in this case, is designed to cushion the writer who was already working on the order when it was canceled.

MyPaperHub reimburses 50% of the client’s funds in the event;

1. A client decides to cancel an order which was already in progress, and more than half of the deadline provided has elapsed.

1. In the event that MyPaperHub is unable to find a suitable writer to handle a revision request.

There are instances when a variable percentage is refunded by MyPaperHub. These include circumstances such as;

1. In the event, the deadline set by the customer has elapsed, but the customer is still in need of the paper. Lateness by the writer is the main reason behind refunds under such circumstances. In such a case, the refund is calculated by using the late delivery time as a new deadline with a new fee. The new cost from the new deadline is deducted from the original fee. For instance, if a customer was charged $50 for a paper that was to be delivered in 48 hours but received it after 54 hours, here’s how the calculation will work. Assuming that the normal price of an order submitted in 54 hours is $40; then, the client will be entitled to a refund computed by subtracting the new fee from the old payment. In such instances, the client would be eligible for a $10 refund.

In the event a client feels that the quality of a submitted paper is inadequate, they have the option of setting it on revision. Revisions requests by clients are provided at no extra cost. Alternatively, the client has the option of requesting that the order be allocated or reassigned to a different writer. Clients are also provided with the option of asking the support staff to place the order in Dispute status. This is done by commenting on the page set aside for the order. To set an order on a dispute, a client begins by signing in to their control panel, opening the order they want to set on a dispute, and writing the following on the comments section of the paper, ‘kindly place this paper on a dispute status.’ Once the paper is placed on a dispute, the client can ask for a refund. However, it is essential to note that;

The client will be required to provide a strong and credible reason as the basis of their dispute.

Dispute resolution is a complex process and requires a considerable amount of time. For instance, customer care will be required to coordinate with the quality control department and the writer. Additionally, there is a need to request additional resources to back-up or expound the dispute request. Compounded together, these undertakings require considerably ample time.

It is important to underscore that each disputed case has a unique refund attached to it. Every dispute case is analyzed and treated differently, and this also applies to the extent of a refund that can be provided. Refunds are only arrived at after careful evaluation and considerations.

When a customer is requested for extra documentation or information to aid in dispute resolution, and this is not done within the 14 days provided, the dispute is automatically canceled. Additionally, the option of a refund is taken away.

After a client approves an order

When the writer is done working on an order, a preview is provided to the client. When this is done, the order status is adjusted to be delivered. When this has been done, the client has a maximum of 14 days to not only read but also approve the order and make any revision requests they have. If no claims are made within the two weeks, an email is sent, which automatically moves to set the order status as approved. Approval of an order is followed by the creation of an editable version of the order in MS Word and provision of access to the order by MyPaperHub, and this is sent to the client through email.

Although the client is entitled to revisions at any stage of their order, this window closes once the order has been approved. In essence, it is assumed that the client has critically evaluated the preview version and is satisfied with what was delivered. Additionally, approval translates to no further grievances by the client in light of quality. Although it is impossible to receive any refund after an order is approved, the client has a maximum of seven days to place a revision request.

Unless the quality presented in the preview version is satisfactory, clients are advised to refrain from approving papers. Any problems encountered during the process of previewing should be shared with the support and customer care staff for further guidance.

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