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Essay writing, just like any other form of writing, can be dreadful to students. The idea of coming up with an entire essay is a daunting task for students. Writing an essay is inevitable in your college life. Whether it's a class essay, scholarship essay, or contest essay; the right approach could mean the difference between a winning essay and not-so-impressive one. It is essential to first understand what an essay is and the key components that make up one. This will enable you to know what exactly is required of you when writing an essay. It will also pave way for you to know where to begin and where to finish your essay.

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Components of an essay

A proper essay has three main components. They are the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The Introduction

The introduction of an essay is different from that of a research paper. For a research paper, the introduction contains background information on the subject you are to cover on the body. It also includes the thesis statement of the paper. For the case of an essay, the introduction does not give any background information; instead, it is supposed to be brief and captivating. The introduction of an essay should compel the reader to read on. When writing the introduction, do not state the obvious, for example, "this essay is about" or "the essay's topic is." Instead, begin with statements that will grab the attention of the reader, for example, a quote, dialogue, a story, or even an informative statement.

The Body

The body consists of your main argument. This is, however, dependent on the purpose of your essay. However, make sure that the transition from the introduction to the body is smooth. At his point, you aim to convince and explain to the reader about your topic. To do this, you will need to have a list of points you want to discuss. Therefore, the body should consist of these points with a detailed explanation. To form a solid argument, you should start with the strongest points, followed by the least strong. Major points should be in separate paragraphs. It is essential to ensure that you have relevant and correct examples to support your points. This will play well for you when persuading the reader.

The conclusion

The conclusion of an essay brings closure to the topic and summarizes the main ideas of the essay. Remind the reader of your thesis statement and show some comments to back it up. You could also suggest ways to solving a particular problem if your essay topic was based on such a topic.

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Now that you know what should be in your essay, it is time to solve the dilemma of what to write for your essay. Here are tips to guide you on what to do when you need to write your essay. These tips are convenient when it comes to essay writing. If you go through them carefully and comprehend every detail, then the problem of writing your essay will no longer be a problem for you.

1. Go through the instructions


Before getting to the researching step, ensure to read the instructions first where they are provided. You could come up with the best essay but end up scoring a low grade or end up having your essay rejected as a result of not adhering to specified instructions. Ensure that you stick to the word limit, writing style, or any other guidelines which might be provided. Also, make sure that you submit your essay within the specified time to avoid penalties.

2. Research your topic

The next step is to understand your topic. The topic will either be provided, or you'll have the freedom to choose it yourself. If the topic is provided, this simplifies the option of searching for a topic. However, if it is not offered, the task of coming up with a topic that you can build on is upon you. This could work to your advantage. You could work on choosing a topic that you know is interesting to you. Regardless of the circumstances, it is crucial to conduct critical research on whichever topic you have at hand.

A visit to the library and the internet will usually provide all the information you need to write the essay. Ensure that you use credible sources in your research analysis. Take short notes to use later and arrange them properly to help make your work easier. This is important since you might not be able to remember everything you read from all your sources.

3. Prepare an outline for your essay

By taking a look at the notes you have made, you will find that you already have an idea of how your essay will be structured. You can use the points as a guiding factor to help you arrange your thoughts and make an outline of the essay. For example, at the top of a page, write your topic, and list down the main points. Leave a gap between each point. You can list the other minor points which are related to the main points in the gaps you previously left behind.

This is also a way for you to come up with a rough draft of your essay. The rough draft is the right way for you to find out whether your ideas fully work together; if you find that they do, you can move on to the next step.

4. Come up with a thesis statement

Having chosen your topic and using your outlined and drafted points, you can come up with your thesis statement. This helps the reader understand what the whole point of your essay is. Your main points are the indicators of your essay's theme. They will act as a guide to the reader to help them understand where you're going with your essay and why.

5. Write your essay

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to write your essay. Do not get hung up on details like finding the perfect vocabulary; instead, focus on writing your essay. Having written an outline and possibly a draft writing the essay should not be an issue.

6. Proofread and Edit


Once you're done with your essay, please go through it from the beginning and check that all the words flow together effortlessly. Check that the main objectives of your essay have been fulfilled and that your essay has answered the main issue that was being addressed. An important step is also to check that you have adhered to the rules that were provided at the beginning of your essay. If not, you'll have to correct them.

The next step is to edit any grammatical or typographical errors that might be present. Go through the essay several times to ensure that all available mistakes are corrected and that everything is where it should be.

Above is the ultimate guide for writing an essay. The typical "Write my essay" problem should no longer be in your vocabulary at this point. Remember, it is important to start writing your essay early to avoid last-minute rushes. This ensures that you get the maximum time needed to research and craft your essay accordingly to get a good grade or submit that scholarship application early enough.

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