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The purpose of writing any content is to provide information and in doing so bring traffic to your website and earning from it. Achieving this can, however, be hindered by producing content that is a replica of what is already there. Although plagiarism is not a civil or criminal offense, it is illegal if there is a violation of copyright. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that as much as you research your content from others works, it should be as original as possible. Plagiarism checkers allow you to do that, whereby after completing you content you check its originality to see whether it matches any other material that has been published. Doing so prevents you from getting into legal battles with anyone who has done similar research. Plagiarism checker is, therefore, an important tool for any writer invested in content creation or a student who needs to produce original content for their essay. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using online plagiarism checkers.

  1. Plagiarism checker enables writers to produce original content whereby it allows you to eliminate any similarities if detected.
  2. Some plagiarism checkers prove to be an invaluable learning tool. When they detect plagiarized content, they provide resources to the writer with directions on how to avoid plagiarizing.
  3. Plagiarism checkers cross-reference content from a wide range of database. This, therefore, you do not have to worry about your content matching with any other after using one plagiarism checker.
  4. Another advantage of using plagiarism checker is that most of them indicate the similarity percentage of your content.
  5. Plagiarism checkers are a platform for anyone to check their paraphrasing ability. The checkers' highlight areas that have been plagiarized therefore you will be able to change the wording of your content hence improving your skills.
  6. Finally, some plagiarism checkers come with a grammar checker, thus, performs two tasks at the same time.
  1. Most plagiarism checkers are paid for; therefore you incur some expenses.
  2. Some checkers match as little as three words that may appear similar to content from other sources even though the content may not be related.
Here are a few plagiarism checkers you could use to check your content.
  1. Grammarly- This is probably the most popular plagiarism checker. Grammarly allows you to edit content on the interface or you could download and integrate it with you Microsoft word. Other than checking plagiarized content, Grammarly allows you to countercheck grammatical errors.
  2. Turnitin - This is probably the most critical plagiarism checker there is. It is best for academic content since it crosschecks across all academic databases available.
  3. Copyscape- This plagiarism checker is popular among content developers. Copyscape is favorable for website owners as it has premiere options that allow you to identify any content that has been spun from your content and published on the internet.
  4. Using plagiarism checker could be your key to getting a perfect paper or content. Different checkers work well for different types of content. Before investing in a single checker, find out whether it suits your type of content.