Count Characters Online & Word Count Tool

Online Character Count Tool

Character limit and word count limit happens more often than not. Most online platforms limit the characters. For example, the character limit for Twitter is 280, SMS is 160, eBay title is 80, Pinterest description is 500 and so many others. This character limit may or may not include the spacing depending on where the content is being posted.

Other than online platforms, you may be doing an assignment with a word count limit and it might be hard to count one by one, therefore, the essence of having character and word counting software. Word and character count software enable you to say whatever you want to say clearly within the limits required. Whatever your reasons for using an online word and character counter are here are useful online word and character counter tools to check out.

  1. Character Count Online - This is a free online word and character counting tool. The tool is very easy to use and displays the results within seconds. Character Count Online further goes to indicate the number of sentences, paragraphs and whitespace. What is even better about this counter is that it is completely free all you need is to copy and paste your content and you have yourself the results within split seconds.
  2. LetterCount - This is an online character and letter calculator that is perfect for counting social media posts. Unlike Character Count Online, letter count only displays the number of characters. It is free and works very first therefore perfect for content with few words.
  3. Character counter - This is an easy online platform that allows you to see the number of characters, words and lines. The interface is simple and easy to use; all you need to do is copy and paste the content on the interface. The results display immediately. The better part about this counter is that it works for every language; therefore, the content does not have to be written in English. On the plus side, character counter is 100% free to use.
  4. Word counter - Word counter is a platform, unlike the others. This software displays extensive statistics about any content. Word counter information on character count with and without space, number of syllables, short words, unique words, long words, polysyllabic words, monosyllabic words, sentences and paragraphs. Other than vast statistical information, the software makes it easy to upload content where you can upload different formats of file. This includes pdf, docx, PHP,js, HTML, csv, pptx, log, and xlsx. The system currently supports documents of a maximum of 10MB. In addition, the website explains some of the difficult terminologies on the statistics they give you about your document.

Online character counters are easy to use platforms hence make your process easy. In case you are not interested in using online platforms, Microsoft word enables you to see the number of pages, words, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs and lines. All you need to do is to click on the number of words at the bottom of the interface and all the statistics is displayed.