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With so many websites offering essay writing services on the internet, it can be hard to select one that best suits your academic needs. This is, however, a critical step because choosing the wrong website could end up costing you a lot in your academic career. Offenses like plagiarism attract severe consequences which could affect you personally, professionally, ethically or even legally.

It is always advisable to take ample time before you decide on which writing service to settle on. The internet is a gift to almost every human being on the planet due to its diversity. One can be able to access all kinds of services at the click of a button. You should, however, be very cautious so as not to fall prey to the numerous scams on the internet. Having said this, good essay writers do exist. Whether they work for educational websites or as freelance writers, they are very thorough at what they do.

Essay sites are however the safest option because they invest a lot in vetting writers before they hire them to ensure that they meet all the necessary qualifications. Your key objective should be to identify a website that best suits your academic needs and stick with them until the end of your educational journey.

What qualities do exceptional essay writers possess?

  1. Customer Service
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    High-quality essay writers should have excellent customer service. They should be able to provide all the relevant information that a client requires. Communicating with them should also be an easy task since it is vital especially when they are handling your assignment. In the case that you need to make changes, you should be able to communicate with them quickly so that the necessary corrections can be made. Good essay writers usually have live chat options to facilitate one on one communication with clients. Poor communication on the writer's side can cost you a lot due to delays in communicating. This can lead to late submission of an assignment which can attract penalties. You should, therefore, be very cautious and use communication and customer services offered as a way to gauge whether a specific essay writing service is the best one for you.

  3. Positive Reviews
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    Exceptional essay writers should have positive reviews. Clients are more than happy to give positive reviews to websites whose services are exceptional. This is one of the best ways to learn more about essay writing websites and how their writers operate. Professional writers have a lot of positive reviews except for a few bad ones. This is perfectly normal since they deal with different clients and minor issues may arise in the process. However, if a majority of the reviews are positive, then you should consider sticking with that particular website. Always avoid sites with negative reviews since the clients have legitimate reasons as to why they gave the bad reviews.

  5. Samples
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    Good essay writers should provide samples of some of their written material when requested. You can assess the provided samples and establish whether they are competent enough to handle your assignment. This is also another way to gauge whether a particular writing service has writers who are qualified enough to handle your assignment. If you find that the samples are poorly written you should move on to another writing service. If the samples are poorly written chances are your assignment will also be poorly written.

  7. Plagiarism Reports
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    Exceptional essay writers should offer plagiarism reports to clients. Plagiarism reports act as proof that your assignment is 100% original and plagiarism free. Essay writers with a history of submitting high-quality work use plagiarism checkers to ensure that the assignment being handed over to clients are original. When submitting the task to you, they should include the report. The report should not attract any additional costs.

    Just a recap.
  9. Ask for samples
  10. Research
  11. Go through online reviews
  12. Customer service
  13. Plagiarism reports
  14. Pricing & quality of work