Is anyone willing to write me an essay for free?

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Can someone write me an essay? for free?

A voice inside your head/ a constant conversation is saying, β€œsomeone wants to write my essays for me for free?” 

When the word β€˜free essays’ come up during a peer discussion, most students get excited just because they believe if they can only get an essay which is in line with what they have been assigned to work on by their professors, then they can easily edit the essay or submit it as it is. This is quite a misfortune to those students who engage in such malpractices, and I’m sure when reading this, you are thinking of getting hold of a free essay, and I’m happy to fill you in with all the details of what constitutes a free essay. Also, I am sure as you are reading this you are still in campus or college and you are yet to face the consequences that come up due to academic dishonesty, and in particular, I will talk about plagiarism among other factors that constitute a free essay which can have very ill punishment if violation of the academic code is established. 

anyone willing to write me an essay for free?

Facts About Free Essays


1.    Free Essays Are Definitely Plagiarized

Using an already pre-written essay for purposes of academic gain can be quite misleading, and before making this mistake, you should be able to understand that plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas as your own or submitting a paper that was graded in the recent semester and opting to re-use it. Most free essays are sources directly from internet sources and are not correctly cited, and this can cause a downfall in your academic life if you are not careful. Turnitin stores all the papers submitted in their database and as a result, if you happen to submit a paper thinking that you have managed to trick your professor then you will be in for a rude shock, and this can have dire consequences and you can either fail the assignment, drop the class involuntarily, and if you have an extreme case of plagiarism, you might face disciplinary action from your Dean of faculty.

2.    Poor Format and Grammar

Free essays contain an epidemic of poor grammar, and the formatting of these essays is overwhelmingly poor, and they do not adhere strictly to the current formatting standards. Therefore, this can be the main reason as to why students who tend to re-use essays from their senior college friends’ end up failing in their essays. Furthermore, free essays provided on numerous websites online tend to be written by ESL writers who are mostly from India, Pakistan, and Kenya. These countries have English as their second language, and therefore you can be sure that they use sub-par English, and your professor will be quick to note this when going through your essay. These mistakes cannot be fixed since you will need to hire editing services, which is, of course, an expensive affair, and it’s better to take time preparing your research before actually writing your essay. Always remember that unfortunate grammar mistakes affect the credibility of your essay, and this can include poor punctuation, incorrectly spelled words, incomplete sentences, incorrect verb tense, and non-capitalization of nouns. No one deserves to read 1000 words full of grammar and spelling errors.

3.    Free Essays Lack Supporting Evidence

What you should know about free essays is that, they are not written to benefit the reader, they are just ideas put together to come up with a piece of writing which when graded can surprise you because the written text is not supported by any evidence since the person who wrote the essay in the first place is not a professional in that field of study, and therefore he or she can only manage to cover or discuss just the simple and common factors with relation to the essay topic, but the writer does not struggle to provide evidence to support any claims that he or she has made in writing. A good essay will identify the topic sentence in all paragraphs, and the topic sentence should be like a mini-thesis statement and should contain one idea that is to be discussed. The paragraph that follows should be a detailed sequence of evidence-based writing that proves the idea brought forward by the topic sentence. Free essays have arguments that are baseless since they are not supported by evidence with proper citations.

4.    Free Essays Will Lower Your Grades

As discussed above, it’s clear to see that free essays are a recipe for failure and frustration. An essay with a weak structure, unclear thesis and supporting evidence and above all nasty grammatical errors which cumulatively drop your grade to a point where you will either retake the whole course or the unit itself or maybe be punished for plagiarism offenses. A free essay does not follow your instructor’s prompt, and therefore most of the issues addressed in the essay itself do not align with what your instructor expects to be discussed. The essay can fail to provide clear and concise points that address the specific topic selected, and therefore you will end up submitting a half-baked essay, which will be a joke when your instructor grades it along with his or her grading rubric and a zero will be inevitable on your transcript.

5.    Free Essays are Owned By Multiple People

Free essays that you can opt to buy or copied from the internet are, of course, owned by a multitude of people who, over the years, have tried to edit and re-use the material. Some are so common that most professors have ended up cramming the entire text and sources and if you happen to use these free essays, then you won’t succeed since these are just common texts that have been re-used over the years for academic gains, but this fashion is posing a danger to academicians especially in the USA. Also, it’s hazardous to use a pre-owned essay since there are high chances that your classmate will submit the same essay and what happens in such a scenario? –Definitely, free essays can be a nightmare to any college student, but this can be avoided altogether. 

Just a recap:

1.    Free Essays Are Plagiarized

2.    Poor Format and Grammar

3.    Free Essays Lack Supporting Evidence

4.    Free Essays Will Lower Your Grades

5.    Free Essays are Owned By Multiple People

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