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How to write an 8 paragraph essay that you have no idea of how to write.

If the phrase “How do I write an 8 paragraph essay when I can barely do the 1st SENTENCE!” is endlessly echoing in your head now and then when faced with an essay to write, then you’re definitely in the right place where you can get the balance you need especially when having to deal with academic essays.

You may find you are in a position where you are asking yourself, “Why is writing an effective 8 paragraph essay so hard now. Back in high school, I was writing 25-page papers!! What's wrong with my motivation!?” Well, nothing is wrong with you; all you need are multiple laps around the writing track with shorter pieces to develop skills and hone your writing craft!

At MyPaperHub, we're all about bringing you the tools to support you in learning how to develop and hone the structure of your 8 paragraph essays.

This is how you can develop the essay assigned to you. This will allow you to build a stronger essay and develop your ideas even further.


Our 4-step business law essay writing process

The first step when embarking on writing an essay is brainstorming a topic. The essay topic should be clear and offer an overview of what the essay would be about. The second step is extensive research on the topic. Business law essays are complex and quite subjective. Due to this, it is necessary to perform extensive research on the topic to capture the different aspects of the essay. Writing the essay is the next step. Essay writing requires the writer to follow specific writing rules that will ensure the points are well arranged, and there is flow in the discussion of the essay topic. Furthermore, these rules are what make the essay understandable and hence achieve its purpose of communicating with the readers.

7 tips on how to write an 8 paragraph essay with 1 brain cell.

There are usually two options here, the first one being that you have already been assigned a topic to work on, and second, you have to think of a specific topic and align your professor’s requirements to your essay topic. Smart pro writers are very good at doing this since the first thing that the writer does is to brainstorm, and this is done by asking a few questions, for example, “What I’m I interested in? What am I excited about to research? Smart pro writers typically have spent time writing numerous essays and have hacked the fact that if you love the topic you have selected to work on, then the rest of the work which involves crafting the essay will be comfortable as well as enjoyable.

The second aspect of selecting an essay topic that smart pro writers use is to go deep into the library shelves and online journals looking for all relevant books and material written by great scholars to see if they can bear any fruits as far as suggestions concerning subject areas that can graduate to becoming successful essay topics.

The third and most fantastic way essay writers get the job done easily: By researching critical topics that two or more writers have written contrary ideas by disagreeing on a subject. Good essay writers manage to come up with perfect essay topics that tend to weigh up both opposing arguments.

The final way to get a good essay topic is by making your research realistic, and by this, I mean, have you asked yourself what options you have for available sources? Because it can be frustrating if you have a great essay topic, but you do not have the slightest idea where you can find credible sources relating to the same.

Congratulations! You have just come up with an essay topic!

2. Prepare an outline mapping your ideas

Mind mapping is always the best way to write out all your ideas. Free writing and mind mapping are both ways in which you can start your writing process. These are super helpful when you’re just trying to get your ideas down before you start your first draft! Mind Maps act as a catalyst to draw out your most creative ideas - making it the ideal tool to take your writing project to the next level.

Usually, this stage helps you figure out your main points and ideas, which you desperately need to explain or illustrate to the reader of the 8 paragraph essay. You will need to prepare an outline by arranging your main points in a very logical and clear order. Start by stating the most vital points to the least strong ones. However, remember that this order can be altered at a later stage as you proceed to write your argument.

3. Write your thesis statement

As you know by now, a thesis statement is the most unifying factor in a paper since its main job is to act as a block holding all the aspects of the paper together. It is a critical part of the 8 paragraph essay as from it, and you can learn what the essay or research paper is all about. A good thesis statement is short and concise, usually around two sentences. A thesis statement should not leave the reader asking, “So what” “Because of?” “And why,” instead, it should answer clearly what the 8 paragraph essay is all about.

Pro-Tip: Start with writing the body of the paper, and then proceed to write your thesis. You cannot write a thesis if you don't even know what you're going to write about.

4. Write the body

The introduction to your paper and the conclusion take the first and the last paragraphs. So, for an 8 paragraph essay, you need to find 6 points to support your argument, the supportive evidence, and possible examples. This is what you will need to write this section. The 6 points build up 6 paragraphs for your 8 paragraph essay. The 6 paragraphs should carry the body of the essay. Make sure you discuss your points at length. The outline discussed above is very critical at this point as it will give you direction on what to cover. Remember that your body needs to support your thesis. However, to avoid any limitations, make sure to write your refined thesis statement when you are done writing the 6 paragraphs. Remember, a thesis statement appears as the last statement on the introduction of your paper. Before you decide that you are done with the body of your 8 paragraph essay, make sure you have asked yourself the following questions:

Have you supported your thesis?

Have you answered what your assignment is even asking you to do?

Have you included any code words in your writing? Like ambiguous works that need to be explained?

Have you answered all the questions about your thesis, such as where and how?

5. Write the introduction to your essay response to the prompt

An essay introduction is your first paragraph, and it serves as a mapping of the essay by the writer. The introduction gives a background of the general topic the writer is about to discuss. A great way to write an introduction is to stat by statistical information, a fun fact, or a simple statement that will capture the reader’s attention and keep them hooked. This is followed by a brief history of the topic, then the thesis statement.

6. Write a conclusion for your essay

Not even the smart pro writers can introduce new ideas at this point because you will have to change the entire essay starting from the thesis statement. The only function of an 8 paragraph essay conclusion is to summarize the main points of the essay as well as bring the entire paper to closure. This is meant to strengthen the entire essay.

The following questions should help at this stage:

• Which are the important aspects of your findings?

• Which are the effects of your conclusion?

• Any limitations to the approach you have used?

• Any ideas or suggestions that can aid in future research?

7. Proofread and format

This may sound like a small thing but can have a considerable impact on your grade. Most people will not edit their essays and, as a result, submit papers full of grammatical errors as well as punctuation issues. Proofreading helps you eliminate that, guaranteeing that you get every mark in this section. As most rubrics will direct, your professor gives marks for grammar and punctuation. There is no reason for you not to get free marks. A properly formatted assignment gets the reader interested in reading your content and can change their perception.

Legitimate 8 paragraph essay writing services

In case this is too much work or trouble to go through, the world we are living in today presents tremendous advances that help us evade the task we deem tiresome and annoying. Today, you can hire an individual to do the work for you. You get a professionally done 8 paragraph essay, and, in return, you part ways with a few dollars. All you have to do is do a quick search on the internet and get a thousand options from which to select.

However, you should be wary of those that just want to make a quick buck without having worked for it. These are the individuals who create websites that seem legit but are only out to get your money. Below is a way to identify legit websites and flash out scams.

How legit are these essay writing companies?

The following are some of the guidelines that can help you know whether a website is genuine or a scam:

• The email address associated with the site: A genuine website will always have an email address associated with the domain name and therefore having a free email is not an option

• The language used on the website: Language use is an important consideration when you are identifying a Legit Essay Writing Services website. Usually, a genuine website will be written in the correct language following all the rules of grammar. However, in instances where there are so many grammatical mistakes and even spelling errors, then one should be careful. This is because such websites may be a scam with owners not well acquainted with the English language, who are attempting to pose as native English speakers.

• Checking the domain name of the website on Google: This is crucial if you need to verify the legitimacy of a website. A genuine website usually has links from other websites so that when the domain name is typed in Google, these links would automatically appear. However, this is not usually the case in scam websites. So when no links appear to that website, and no other search results appear for the domain name, then it is usually a red flag that the site is a scam.

• What other people say about the website (Essay Writing Service Reviews.) People's experiences with the website in the past will be a critical indicator of the legitimacy of the website. When you want to know people's experience with the website, you simply type the domain name and search Essay Writing Service Reviews. A few bad reviews are realistic because it is not entirely possible to satisfy every single client since every person has their unique expectations. However, too many negative reviews are usually an indicator that it might be a scam website. Positive customer reviews are generally an indication that the site is genuine and legitimate.

• Doing a Google search with the name of the company and the word scam. This will verify whether the website is a scam or it is legitimate since such a specific search query on Google search yields all the websites and companies that are reviewed by previous users as fraudulent. A legit site will usually not be associated with such search queries. Therefore, Google search will be your number one friend in your quest to verify a genuine website.

• A genuine website will have contact information. A website that has nothing to hide will usually have an address, i.e., location, phone number, and an email address for customers to contact them. A fraudulent website, on the other hand, will have no address, and in most cases, they will only offer a form to fill out to avoid providing any information on how their whereabouts can be traced. Whenever you encounter such a website, ensure to be on the lookout since it may not be a genuine one. You can also use all the previously listed measures to confirm further whether it is a scam or not.

• The domain name of the website will also be an essential indicator to verify whether the website is genuine or it is a scam. A genuine website will usually have a domain name similar to its brand name. If you see a different domain name, then it is a strong indicator that the site is a scam and should be avoided lest you risk becoming a victim of fraud. Also, a scam website will usually have been in existence for a concise period.

• The website should contain trust seals and certifications, for example, a BBB certification and also an SSL certificate. If you are looking to buy an essay online from a good reputable company, then the above tips might come in handy to enable you to have a leg up before spending your money.

Our services at MyPaperHub are genuine and can be trusted. However, do your research to verify this information. We will handle your 8 paragraph essay assignment as well as any other related service. Do not get stuck when we are just a click away.

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