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Life in college can be a bit complicated whether you are a freshman or on your final year especially where essays are involved. The complexity comes from the long and detailed essays, incomprehensible instructions and even complex formatting requirements. Although your institution may sometime provide you with the resources you need to complete the essays, sometimes they are not always understandable and other times you do not have enough time to attend to all your essays. How do you navigate all these complications?

This is the second step when faced with writers’ block and when you need leverage and proper dynamics in writing an essay. These are helpful writing tips for postgraduates and undergraduates for improving your academic writing.

Write anything on paper.

This literally means that you start writing something on your computer or a piece of paper. Keep the topic you are writing on in mind so that you don’t drift too far. But write anything you know concerning what your professor has assigned. For example, if you are writing a custom essay on “Legalization of Marijuana” you can start off by saying what Marijuana is in the words you understand best. You can use the phrase you normally describe this drug in your college or home area, do not think that the word is unacceptable, but indeed these words play a vital role when carrying out research and can be included in a research proposal. So, start with one word, if you feel some few ideas are streaming in then go ahead and write these thoughts until you realize that you are not struggling anymore then you can proceed to come up with the second paragraph and soon you will understand that you have written well over a page.

Make notes

Notes, notes and notes! This is the second best hack that you will truly like after reading what I have to say as far as list making is concerned. Let’s call this list making, the best way of getting to appreciate the importance of list making is to spend some 10 minutes (or less) of your time trying to come up with favorable answers to these questions:

If you wrote a dissertation, term paper or a custom essay without having to do any kind of research or brainstorming or even note taking what could be missing from your piece of writing?

Our world class writing service has shaped students’ lives academically and is always a viable option to undergraduates who are faced with complex essay assignments. Our services are usually offered online to enable you to circumvent successfully any hurdles that will hinder you from scoring quality grades without any hassles. The present day world is riddled with a myriad of challenges that men grapple with day in, day out. The most challenging aspect is found in the life of an academician. More often than not, students will find themselves burdened with a heavy load of academic work pitted against timelines that have to be met.

Consequently, the pressure of juggling day jobs and the limited time gets the toll on them rendering academic writing an unpleasant nightmare. Of course, some courses do offer extra free time when compared to others, but as a graduate student you will have to organize yourself and have enough time to study not ignoring the deadlines which seem distant at first since workloads pile up

List making and risks involved.

Becoming acutely abbreviated

Writing down very few points made just in a brief snippet and can be expanded on.

Risk involved: You get back to your notes to record notes that were important but you failed to note them down.

Being overly inclusive

The fear of missing out on some important aspects of the notes, you end up being inclusive of every aspect of the notes and therefore the note taking process becomes too detailed and inclusive.

Risk involved: Your reading and note taking takes a different twist and you realize that you have a set of notes which were indeed supposed to be points. This can be frustrating since you have to decide the important aspects of the notes (those that are relevant and those which are not)

Ways you can manage the risks involved with note listing.

You can opt to be selective in the process of note listing, and by doing this, you choose what information to read and what to ignore. Also, you can select which source of information e.g. a journal or a text book which you are going to make notes on.

Note listing in lectures can pose several challenges which include:

• Speed at which your lecturer is dictating is the one thing you will have to deal with since you cannot control the rate at which your professor talks. This can lead to so much pressure, and at times you might miss important notes if your speed of writing does not go in line with your lecturers’ dictating speed.

• No pausing involved since when your lecturer is dictating, then you have no option of making him or her pause so that you can finish what you were writing.

• You will be rendered unable to identify the most important parts of the notes until after the lecture when you go through the notes once more, and you are forced to make a final draft of notes which are the most important. This can waste a lot of valuable time especially if you are supposed to make notes on different course units or subjects.

getting over writer's block

University essays on a regular basis demand that we be perfect and outstanding but the human mind is programmed to like simplicity and therefore if we find a hard one, one which is hard to digest, we filter it and get one easy to digest word and for many writers, getting to begin an essay is always the hard part. What writers having such problems can opt to do is to work on free writing and they can start with writing down points which relate to the essay as they also relate to you.

The moment you have enough ideas which concern the essay, then you can select one of the points to be a starting point of your essay but it ought to be the easiest one which can be easily explained. By now you have written what is important about this point, and then you can refer to your essay outline and point out another sub-topic which you can easily write about.

You will continue this way until you realize that you have thoroughly covered all the points on your list. If you opt to write down all these points by hand on a piece of paper probably, then leave out enough space that will enable you to make necessary changes once you realize that you need to add or remove something. You might be faced with points which are hard to write about but mostly you might be having a verbal explanation to this points- what do you do? Try to verbalize these points and you can even utter them loud as you scribble down the main points and just a paragraph of the explanation which might not hold facts but once you have the points ready then you can go deep into research and find more about what you wanted to write about. Indeed, you can realize that your 5 shallow points have turned out to be 3 pages of facts and nicely organized examples which will surely earn you points.

With all these points we can try to make a summary as we cite those points which you should prioritize to make your essay writing easy and interesting before going ahead to hire a writing service to do this for you.

Hitting rock bottom whilst writing an essay can be caused by numerous things which to say but a few can be due to having anxiety issues which can be caused by the fear of producing or submitting sub-part work which can lead to poor grades, issue of lacking self-confidence in writing “some people have accepted the fact that they think they are poor writers” having this low self-esteem in writing can be a major lead to being faced by the writers’ block and any college-student faced by this hiccup can end up opting to hire services from reliable writers who come up with a well written essay. Students in university and college levels of education normally do this just to be safe and at least be guaranteed of a better grade.

Though writers’ block has been witnessed not only in writers who do not have any clue in writing, but also it has been found to affect even able writers who have been well known to write nice pieces of literary works. The best clue is choosing to use free writing whose purpose is to change what seems like a non-motion in writing to at least moving a few sentences from zero word count. This super awesome technique works better than any other technique since it relieves some stress of someone and gives the writer a stepping stone where ideas can start flowing. When saying this, it doesn’t mean that you have to write anything that relates 100% to the essay topic at hand but it means that you can find secondary things to write and later as you flow with the essay primary content will follow in and you can make necessary changes as you go on writing.

You do not have to start with any major points, bear in mind that the paper is not being graded as you write but after a few days or a week and you should realize that you have a lot of time to make changes and to edit the entire essay as you organize your points in an order which related to your rubric.

In order to come up with a high quality essay you will need to have the knowledge of:

• figuring out the specific piece of work as detailed by the title.

• Research online more on the relevant books and journal materials which you will need to read.

• Go through the research materials and make sure they are suitable.

• Set aside the most relevant reference materials which you will need to refer to in your essay.

• Come up with a powerful argument and this will ultimately lead you into arriving at a well-supported conclusion.

Avoid drifting too far from the title.

The easiest way to come up with a well-written essay is to know what exactly the essay is about; you have to listen to what the title of the essay is saying to your instincts. The title provides guidance and therefore the title becomes the most valuable part of a successful & well-written essay.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming helps any college student with an intention of writing an essay to minimize the idea of a writers’ block. Just write all your initial ideas on paper before you can go ahead to write your drafts. You can opt to start writing down these idea the moment an essay has been assigned in class then you will have ample time to brainstorm. Later you can review the points then you can do some research and in-depth reading to grasp more ideas and have a well-organized piece of work at the end as you conclude writing your essay.

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