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  1. ✔Cognitive Psychology.
  2. ✔Physiological Psychology.
  3. ✔Social Psychology.
  4. ✔Psychological Testing and Measurement.
  5. ✔Renaissance and Revolutions.
  6. ✔The Ancient World: Greece.
  7. ✔Medieval Europe.
  8. ✔America Between Wars, 1919-1941.
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When you come to think of what Doctors do, they mend the body while therapists mend the brain section and ultimately, researchers dwell more on the scientific evidence. Have you ever asked yourself who gathers all this information from all the reliable sources by bringing them together while still distilling it into a thought-provoking piece of content?

That is where I come in. A veteran psychologist with a Clinical & Health Psychology Ph.D. from The University of Edinburgh but having studied my Undergraduate MA in Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences - Seattle University. I am a reliable, readable writer specializing in writing issues related to Evolutionary Psychology, Neurobiology, and Depression, habit-building, and mental health.

I am always interested to work on new projects whether in Commerce, Engineering, and Public relations among other disciplines. I have written multiple articles relating to Psychology, Philosophy, and History. My essays are all leavened by pithy expert quotes and latest research finding. Working on your project is what I'd love to do, it's what I'm trained to do, and it's everything I dedicate my time for and what do you expect? I will bring meticulously fact-checked, evidence-based information. I understand the meaning of a deadline. If that sounds like what your writing needs demand, let's get started.

Skills: Creative Writing, Medical Writing, General Assignments, Course work, Research Proposal, Questions and Answers, Manuscripts, Conference paper, Seminar paper, University & Post-Graduate level papers.

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I can't thank Heather enough for everything she did for me! She helped me with six graduate school essays, as well as updated and revamped my research paper. Heather went above and beyond for me even helping me with the application process for applying for my Post_Graduate grant. I got the funds for my Master's level just recently, and I attribute it all to Heather's help on my essays. You won't regret working with MyPaperHub; it was totally worth it!..

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Thank you, Heather! If anyone needs to straighten up their GPA's that have dropped pit-bottom, she's the one to whip them back into shape. I was always afraid of unintentional plagiarism, but Heather provided an excellent insight by explaining to me what Professors view as plagiarism and how to avoid any sort of plagiarism. It was easy and efficient to collaborate with Heather through email. Her response time is punctual. Not only did she write my essay, but she also provided all the sources she used and links. I'll be sure to refer my friends whose GPA need some whipping back into shape, too.

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I am more than impressed and grateful by the service provided by Dr. Heather. My MBA project was written and reviewed by Heather and she was extremely on point with all her feedback. Each of her pointers as she reviewed word by word, was extremely helpful. Every feedback of hers tend to make me reflect deeper in my final project. She does not only have a great eye on what might be considered as 'the little things' which incloude grammar, structure etc, but also have a knack at suggesting better ways to express ideas to making my essay shine. You are a big deal!

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Even though I was rather slow at responding with my revised essay, Heather constantly emailed just to keep me updated with the status of my revision. Her response time was also unbelievable. I received e-mail response within a few hours and all my revised essays with feedback within 24 hours upon submission. It was extremely casual working with Heather and communicating via email despite her professionalism and solid work ethic. Thanks to her I am extremely confident of submitting my application final essay now. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who needs their essay written and reviewed.

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Getting my admission essay written by Heather was the key to my acceptance in College. I had submitted my essay before and after editing, Heather opted to re-write my entire essay which resulted in an callback for an interview with the College Admissions Officer!

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In the beginning, Heather will ask for the grading rubric and any additional materials that your Professor issued so she can better understand what your instructor is looking for. Then she'll start writing the essay or whatever project you have assigned her to tailor it to your requirements. She's professional, timely with her revisions, and clear as to why she's using certain sources. Definitely recommend!

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What I appreciated the most was that after working with me for a few days to fine-tune my essay content that I had provided her with, Heather was willing to re-do my essay layout and organization. She also presented several options when my Professor advised me to make several changes to improve my grade. Thanks!

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Heather did a phenomenal job in working on my dissertation. Through there were various iterations, she patiently helped to reformat, restructure and re-word my dissertation until it was the refined and polished reflection of what my dissertation committee expected me to put in front of the dissertation defense team. After all the hard work and immense help from Heather, I am a PhD. holder just like her :)

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Heather has an astute eye for written aesthetic, incredibly keen attention to detail and a keen sense of what would help make your research proposal standout in the eyes of potential research sponsors. I'll definitely be using Dr. Sawyer for future research writing projects and even amendments - she's a pleasure to work with, and the value she provides is well worth it.

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