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College admission essay for high school seniors.

Writing college admission essays can be a daunting process. This is primarily because, unlike high school essays, college admission essays require more than proper grammar and the ability to write a well-structured essay.  A college admission essay is supposed to help you secure admission to a college that will guarantee a secure future. This, therefore, puts pressure on you to perfect your writing skills before you get down to writing the college essay. Unlike a high school essay that requires a little research, necessary essay writing skills, and proper grammar, a college admission essay requires in-depth analysis, an adequate understanding of grammar and creativity of the highest standard. 

Your college admission essay is supposed to dazzle the reader and convince them to pick you as a student in the institution. Unlike a high school essay where you are just after a good grade, a college admission essay is an essay that will help you compete with the rest of the candidates looking for the same. Most candidates applying for a position in colleges have perfect grades; therefore, the essay is the only thing that will put you on the front row seat when it comes to this competition. It is for these reasons that the reader of your admission essay must be compelled and wowed by every little detail that makes up your essay.

high school essay vs college essay

Your goals should be presented clearly and the objectives that make you the best candidate to win that particular spot. Basing on the fact that you will be applying to multiple campuses for admission, which are based on very different admission categories and requirements, you will, therefore, need to come up with a properly written essay which will require little or no tweaking at all to fit into other essay categories.

Writing an Outstanding College Admission Essay: Tips

1.    Capture the reader’s attention

A strong introduction compels the reader to continue reading your college application essay. The best way to achieve this is by starting your essay at a high note and maintaining it through the entire essay. The most winning college essays tell a personal story. This is because personal stories are interesting and help you connect with the emotions of the reader. Once you connect to the reader emotionally, the admission will belong to you.

2.    Brief and to the point is what one should attempt to be.

High school essays have different purposes, all related to academics. A college admission essay, however, has one purpose, to convince the reader to include you on the list of candidates getting admission to that college. Therefore, your essay needs to be brief and to the point. Most college essays will give a limit of 800 words; do not waste even a single word.

3.    Demonstrated honesty and integrity

Whether you have achieved a lot in your life or not, exaggerating your achievements of the essay will not get you the admission. Instead, use words to demonstrate honesty, humility, and assertiveness. Your achievements will be shown by the certificates and testimonials you attach to accompany the application essay.

4.    Write as an individual

Just think about it, can anyone write an application essay based on someone else? No- You are writing a college admission essay based on yourself. There is nobody else who knows you better than yourself, therefore before writing the essay, sit back and think critically the most interesting things about you that would compel anyone to take a chance on you and give you the admission. You can also ask the people around you for input.

5.    Ensure that your writing is logical and reasonably drafted

Covering multiple topics will be the end of anyone trying to write a perfect application essay; this is an admission essay and should not be written like a resume. Do not show the admission officer that you are a very busy person, narrow down everything by giving bits and pieces, just like pebbles of who you are and not the whole rock, this is what the colleges and campuses expect and nothing more.  Don’t forget, resumes are meant for corporate, and application essays are intended for colleges.

6.    Being precise, very clear and upfront

Make sure all aspects of writing are well taken care of with military precision. There should be no room for error. Make sure that you have revised your whole text by checking horrible and slight spelling mistakes. Get rid of unnecessary phrases and words. With this acute checking, your college admission essay will stand out from the rest.

7.    Being clear, evocative and informative

Ensure that you have proper grammar and correct word usage, coming up with well-worded sentences and using correct punctuation, spelling, syntax, and capitalization. By doing so, you ensure that your points to the admission officer are straight to the point and can be easily understood. Avoid using phrases that can be expressed by simple words.

8.    Being exceptionally polite and friendly

Colleges and Universities are social institutions where students are also expected to be friendly, socially acceptable and likable. Institutions, therefore, need students who can interact, socialize, and live in social circles, which will help them build their overall confidence as they continue gearing towards their future careers. A likable applicant demonstrated the ability to avoid seeking attention from others, being consistent, being genuine, among other factors that are totally under your control and an element which is disguised as emotional intelligence (EQ)

9.    Use humor only when it’s appropriate

Not everyone will accept your humor, and others will take it as offensive, so use your intelligence wisely to detect when to joke and when not to fool.

10.    Being unpredictable by being highly controversial

Controversy makes reading more interesting. Therefore, if there is something controversial about you, write it and make it interesting. However, be careful because it could also cost you admission if it does not agree with the system in place for the college you are seeking admission. 

11.    Sound smart & be smart.

Demonstrate that you are smart since colleges and universities are places where all these kinds of brains and intellect are allowed to intermingle freely. Demonstrating that you are good at something, football, rugby, guitarist, etc. can give you an edge in college placement.

College admission essay is comprehensive and needs more time as compared to high school essays. However, following this guide will help you come up with an essay that will guarantee your admission. Make sure you dedicate enough to and think to it. Don’t forget to make your strengths clear within the essay.

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