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Academic Sample Papers

Premium Samples of Academic Coursework Papers.

Rhetorical Analysis Sample: How to Write Rhetorical Analysis
Rhetoric analysis of the speech by Emmeline Pankhurst titled "Freedom or Death"..." DOWNLOAD
Rhetoric Analysis Essay
Example of Technical Writing for Students
"Analyze whether all States should Require Motorcycle Riders to wear helmets by Law..." DOWNLOAD
Technical Writing Sample
Book Review Writing Example
"Plato,The Republic, Plato's insights on politics, society, and religion..." DOWNLOAD
Sample Book Review
Powerpoint Assignment Example
"Ethics Controversy: Major Ethics Thinkers in History..." DOWNLOAD
Sample PowerPoint Assignment
Dissertation example
"Utilizing the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES)..." DOWNLOAD
Sample PhD Dissertation
Book report sample paper
"The Thread That Runs So True is an autobiographical saga of Jesse Stuart's..." DOWNLOAD
Sample Book Report
Sample Dissertation Overview
"An Examination of Illinois Principals Perceptions of Servant Leadership..." DOWNLOAD
Sample Dissertation
Book Review Writing Example
"United States national security strategy: a problem and a solution..." DOWNLOAD
Sample Research Paper

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