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MyPaperHub is sick and tired of research fear-mongering. We've taken the mystery out of Research writing with clear, simple, and practical strategies not driven by a widespread perception but hard facts and proven by reliable research methods.

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MyPaperHub innovative methodology leverages industry expertise and actionable Research to make your grades work for you. Measuring progress can be most difficult, if not painful. By partnering with MyPaperHub, you can get a positive return on investment as one significant benefit as you move towards your specific degree. Our research work gets your assignments and research papers in front of the right people at the right time to increase the chances that you won't miss the deadline. This will also ensure that your GPA receives a significant boost.

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Client first writing service led by a Dedicated Account Manager who value input and understands your order requirements and specific instructions. Plus, prompt updates regarding your order ETA, revision requests handled promptly. Your dedicated account manager is always on hand for you to talk to..

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Our team has the materials to get it done, and we're with you every step of the way throughout your ordering process as you journey with us. We send updates as per your request to let you know where we are at any given point in our writing process.

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Digestible responses from your assigned writer for those on the go and great responses for those who want the nitty-gritty about the work delivered. Every answer can be customized to show exactly what you want to know without hiding behind false references or confusing talking points.

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The duplicity of the research writing agencies is widely known. So how is MyPaperHub different? (privacy-focused) We provide a revolutionary level of order privacy and security since we understand that we're living in an era of digital feudalism. We securely encrypt everything on-device. From your data to all the email conversations and chat messages on our platform– so you can trust us to get the job done.

Real-time, insightful intelligence combined with on-ground operational capabilities is the synergy that sets us apart.

Exposing bad research with customized solutions to help boost your grades

Research writing services get a bad reputation as being volatile and full of guesswork. Most of these research writing sites fill in the blank just like they do with the theory of evolution without any real reliable research. Useful research findings and final results seem unattainable, and the entire process is daunting. MyPaperHub takes the unknown out of Research writing with a transparent methodology that effectively improves your grades. This ensures that you know what we're doing and why we're doing it at every step of the way throughout your academic paper writing process. MyPaperHub doesn't have a "secret recipe;" we use real experts to evaluate researchers work for the best results continually.

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Our dynamic strategy includes consistently honing our strategies while striving to ensure we're producing exceptional research results for your academic paper.

Help thriving organizations craft their strategy. There is such a dynamic change in the marketplace today. Using research-driven best practices and continuous strategy crafting, MyPaperHub industry-leading research experts achieve outstanding outcomes.
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Strategic Research Work
Multi-faceted research leaders who will oversee research work working together to transform your research paper or dissertation.
Strategic Planning
Develop and implement effective strategic initiatives, including valuable Research, to support and help your research work stand out in increasingly competitive grading standards set by grading committee members. Our style is just different from the rest.
Facilitation & Partnerships
Maximize the benefit of collaboration with stakeholders who will share input on your academic paper including private researchers, scholars and community organizations.
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  • What is a thesis/research paper?
  • Thematic Literature Review
  • Revising & Editing
  • Research Clusters

What exactly is a Thesis/Research Paper?

Are you thinking about writing an undergraduate thesis without a mental breakdown?

Feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where to start?

At MyPaperHub, research work is definitely our bread and butter, so we tend to stock up. A thesis and a research paper are different in such a way that a thesis is concerned with a central question or a statement of a scholarly argument, which leads to further research while a research paper is very much concerned with proving just the central argument. A thesis depends on original thinking and does put forth a proposal or a statement, whereas a research paper requires the researcher to be able to justify the central question. A thesis has more work as compared to a research paper since the researcher ought to gather specific evidence to justify the study while at the same time ensuring that both the evidence and theories put forward justify the thesis.

In efforts of boosting your thesis or research paper goals, a researcher ought to realign both methodical and technological practices with research best practices such as Thematic Research Design, methods and analysis while at the same time incorporating high-quality qualitative research to come up with an all-round excellent academic research/thesis paper.

MyPaperHub team approaches research work with full-force and dive deep into nitty gritties of researching as a whole. Our trusted research auditors dig into research work and your drafts to come up with working methods that provide results. Our battle research tools inspect your current research work and drafts provided to see what aspects need focus and action first. Our team comes up with 12 underpinned key priority questions that provide guidance when elaborating on the drafts. These are:

1. What is the research question?

2. Why is it important?

3. How did you get this question?

4. What materials and methods were used to test the hypothesis?

5. List all figures and give titles for them.

5. What is the main result?

7. What is the interpretation of the findings?

8. What are the study limitations?

9. What are the positive differential aspects of the study?

10. What are the implications of the findings?

11. What is the usefulness of the findings?

12. What is the relevance of the study?

After a careful analysis, our team research experts and strategists begin to develop the next crucial steps of coming up with drafts that represent the actual research hypothesis being tested.

Our dependable team understands thesis research work; they know what belongs to the tables and what belongs to the text. Most importantly, our able team of strategists analyzes if the prior hypothesis stood up to the test of it and come up with a decision if it should be modified or changed completely.

With the thousands of agencies providing thesis research writing services, our results speak for themselves.

Thematic Literature Review

How do you develop a thematic framework analysis for a literature review? At its core, a comprehensive literature review is one of the single most important components of a proper thesis research paper. A systematic literature review is a search of the available literature in your specific subject or area of study or niche topic area using scholarly sources such as books and journals. It does give an overview of significant findings, the concepts, and developments in relation to a topic question that’s being researched.

Thematic Literature Review breaks down a topic into sections; a breakdown and expounding from the general to the specific and an effective and critical litmus test to determine how good you know your thesis or research topic. Talk with people beyond your research bubble; it might re-spark your enthusiasm or at least remind you that you do know your topic well. Consider getting an editor for the boring formatting parts of your thesis if that's getting you down.

Before considering writing a literature review, one must first ask and answer the following questions satisfactorily.

• What is a literature review?

• What are the aims and objectives of a literature review?

• What contribution(s) will my review add?

There is much more to a literature review than just that. A literature review has various objectives. One of the goals is to demonstrate to the reader (your professor) that you have read and have a proper grasp of the texts and pieces of literature you have read and studied. Knowing this, you must understand the concepts and arguments so far put forward by various authors on the subject being dealt with at the moment.

A literature review should always take the form of critical arguments and discourse, showing insights, understanding, and awareness of differing positions, theories, and approaches. It should be essential to note that your review shouldn’t be a mere summary of the sources or a discussion summary that other researchers have written but it ought to be a comprehensive and concise analysis of the relevant texts and kinds of literature that have been published and selectively linked in a “golden thread” discourse by you using apt and clear rationale and purpose of thoughts.

Any rigorous literature review should strictly, without doubt, adhere to these set of rules –its effects run through a research paper thesis. Failing to perform a decent literature review, one is doomed to fail.

Finding the bigger picture: Putting it all together.

1. Compare and contrast different author's views on the same subject matter.

2. Group authors who draw similar conclusions into a theme.

3. Criticize aspects of methodologies.

4. Highlight areas of differing opinions.

5. Take note of exemplary studies.

6. Take note of knowledge gaps in the subject matter being reviewed.

7. Demonstrate the possibility that the current research will relate to the previous studies.

8. Illustrate that the present study to be undertaken relates to reviewed pieces of literature in general.

9. Conclude by summarizing what you have so far considered from available works of literature and texts.

Revising & Editing

The difference between good writing & poor writing is often the amount of time spent revising & editing. There are some brilliant insights and some really awfully constructed sentences, and that’s why you need to know how to structure your text, use academic writing conventions & proofread your work.

That’s when you bring out the big guns.

The last 3 or 4 weeks are the final big push for your thesis or dissertation since editing/revising the thesis will be the order of the day. A non-stop process of actively being engaged in drafting, peer editing, and/or revising their thesis statement and a lot more technical work to do, it’s actually an intense period.

We have got you covered with our all-inclusive package that entails editing, revising, reworking, nuancing, and tightening...we love seeing words get better by writing in a logical, flowing sequence. On the flip side, it takes a lot of energy...much more than just putting words on paper and that’s why you should entrust our remarkable writers and editors with your research thesis because we keep writing, editing, working on our craft, collaborating, listening to feedback, using our detailed revising checklists to help us self evaluate, and we never, ever give up.

We edge ahead and ensure that we have referenced arguments using appropriate parenthetical notations in the body of the paper and include the bibliography at the end of the paper. We put to use course materials, peer-reviewed articles, government documents, reputable newspaper articles, socio-economic reports, and relevant Census sources. It’s always an exciting time in the writing process when we get to the point of editing, and revising and we enjoy perfecting our work. That's when we feel most alive and proud. Does your Ph.D., Masters, or even undergraduate feel like a rollercoaster ride? We have strategies in place to help you find the right balance and to help you stay on track and ease your overbearing emotions.

Revision strategies we put to practice

Once you have a rough draft before the final copy, you can begin the revision and proof-reading process. Good writing is the product of many, many revisions (up to 18 or more!) Some key revision strategies are listed below.

1. Make sure to check that each effectively constructed paragraph and section has one main topic and main point if you haven’t already!

2. Signal the topic in the first sentence of the paragraph or section.

3. Introduce the main point in a concluding sentence in the first or last part of the paragraph or section.

4. Employ content analysis by trying to summarize the main theme and point of a paragraph or section in the margin of your text, and use this as a topic or closing sentence. Try to be as brief as you can.

5. Cut, paste, delete, and rewrite until you are satisfied that the paragraph to bring it to a close and section breaks indicates changes in topic and key ideas.

6. Make sure to check that headings reflect the topic and key point.

7. Embark on the sources as needed and check to ensure that they have been accurately reported.

8. Remove any unnecessary repetition and redundancy. Put deleted content in a separate file if you think you might need it later.

9. You can reorder the words and phrases and manipulate them as you feel to improve clarity and readability.

10. Make sure to check for sentences whose subject is 'it' or 'they,' which may be having more specific terms to consider as alternatives.

11. Identify & analyze effective word choice. Follow context steps to define any words/vocabulary you are unsure of (check after with a dictionary) Use more precise and accurate words as necessary as you go along. Don't use big words and weird phrasings; use more precise language, and your arguments will be more realistic/convincing.

12. Make sure to check the content of tables and corresponding figures (placed either in the body of the paper or at the end of the document) matches their titles accordingly.

13. Make sure to check that the commentary and all targeted modifications accurately introduce all the generated supplemental figures and tables.

Research Clusters

MyPaperHub team is dedicated to identifying research areas and innovations that help in making research work more comprehensive and detailed – no shortcuts when it comes to conducting research with a particular emphasis on academic research. We seek groundbreaking solutions to complex research problems by involving interdisciplinary and cross-specialists collaborations.

We’ve got over 1000 research specialists that regularly run tests and conduct individual research, in addition to being independent research scientists. This enables us to be by far ahead of the curve when it comes to grasping and unpacking the complexities of de-implementing inappropriate research interventions.

Usually, trashing our competitors isn’t our thing, but the reality is if they don’t have our research data, then they will NOT outscore us by coming up with a particularly useful research paper as they’ve not performed decent research and written about it. You wouldn't trust a blind heart surgeon to save a loved one from an untimely demise 💔

Unlike the misinformation out there from the “big boys” of research, who claim to do quality research work, at MyPaperHub, we use evidence-based integrated processes to come up with winning intelligent solutions for your research project. Not always do “tried and true” research strategies equate to research-based practices. The thought of research writing agencies advocating and implementing inoperative strategies that are crappy-rendered and non-compliant is frightening. At MyPaperHub, we make sure that your document is compliant with the recommended frameworks.

Most research writing services that claim to do quality research and writing carry a nasty reputation, and this is because they employ writers who are not seemingly smart or qualified enough for the job. What are the repercussions of sourcing for their research writing services? Well, you will get a research thesis written in very poor and basic English by what appears to be a writer who does not have a reasonable grasp of articulating English to a master's level as requested. You will end up making the corrections yourself; however, when the whole essay is poorly written it makes up for significant writing which you aren’t prepared to do in this case.

Some of the research clusters that we specialize in include, but not limited to:

• Agricultural Sciences.

• Biological Sciences.

• Earth Sciences.

• Education and Human Society — Regional and Rural Innovations.

• Environmental Sciences.

• Humanities and Creative Arts.

• Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

• Medical and Health Sciences.

Our strength is being able to cover any assigned verticals through thorough planning backed with proper research and analysis, starting with a SWOT analysis to pave the way for a substantial research strategy.

Let's give your paper the attention it deserves