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How to write a final reflection essay

Final reflection essay writing entails communicating your thoughts efficiently on a topic given by your professor on a previous date. Therefore, this means that you must pay attention to the organization and the structure to communicate efficiently.

Writing a final reflection essay is not a joke; neither is it a walk in the park nor is it duck soup as many might think. A final reflection essay is one of the most commonly written pieces of academic work. It is regarded as a nightmare, an ordeal, torment, and the worst experience for most students. One of the probable reasons for this is because it involves a lot of work. First, one has to read the material, understand it, and then formulate the necessary argument that shows a complete understanding of the material.


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1. Avoid summarizing the original work

Final reflection essays are not a summary of the original work; instead, they are your thoughts regarding the work. Therefore, if you write a summary of the work in your final reflection essay, it will not only show that you are unskilled in the writing process but might also cost you some marks. Make sure your introduction is interesting and doesn’t just jump into summarizing the work on which you are reflecting.

Start your final reflection essay with a non-obvious connection between the original work and your thoughts on it. Creating a non-obvious connection leaves the reader interested in reading more of your final reflection essay.

2. Do the unthinkable

Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This means that you should not feel bad or shy away from saying what you need to say, maybe because people will judge you or people will end up knowing your soft spots and anything else that you wouldn’t say in the first place. This is because a final reflection essay should reflect your true impression of the original work. Whether it made you sad, happy, or disappointed, this should reflect on your essay.

3. Come up with a proper topic sentence

You can change the way you want your final reflection essay to turn out even before writing it. In fact, at this stage, it’s much easier to change the essay according to your liking. You achieve this by coming up with a topic sentence that you are comfortable with; a topic sentence can make you write your essay at the drop of a hat.

A topic sentence is the single controlling idea, which is supported by a well-written paragraph and expressed in this form called a topic sentence. You cannot wish away the functions of a topic sentence since it aids in the substantiation of a thesis statement. It also does aid in the unification of content, which is found in a paragraph. Lastly, it helps the reader come up with a subject of discussion and also how it will be discussed in the paragraph.

Coming up with a favorable topic sentence will aid you in selecting a topic which you are most comfortable with. Since a topic sentence should generally be included in every paragraph, ensure you come up with a favorable topic sentence.

4. Consistency

Consistency is coherence or being organized in your writing, and this means that every sentence does relate well to the topic sentence or if I may “the controlling idea.” What happens to a paragraph which demonstrates coherence? – Sentences do have a smooth flow (no bumpy road); also, a coherent paragraph brings a smooth transition between information relayed in a previous paragraph and information which is recent and therefore making the discussions and arguments vivid to the reader.

Length is a factor that determines if a paragraph is coherent. If you find that you have a long paragraph, you should maintain the ideas in that paragraph so that you do not end up mixing them up within other paragraphs. You can opt to start a new paragraph to ensure that new insights are well demonstrated. When it comes to short paragraphs, ensure that you have exhausted all the ideas. You can opt to combine the paragraph and come up with one main idea which will be well discussed at length.

5. Repetition of major phrases

When you have the main idea with some specific keywords, ensure that you have repeated the keywords throughout the paragraph, and of course, you should naturally introduce the keywords to bring out the intended meaning. Reinforcing the main keywords ensures that the reader understands what the paragraph intends to bring out consistently to the reader.

6. Use of transitions

The usage of transitions comes into play, especially when moving from one idea to the next one. This involves the usage of transitions, which also ensures that there is a smooth flow of ideas. For example:

a) Additional information: furthermore, moreover, beside & also.

b) Examples: for instance, to illustrate and, in fact.

c) Compare: Similarly, in the same manner, and also.

d) Time: Afterwards, shortly, not before long, while, before, and finally.

As much as a final reflection essay is your thoughts on a piece of work, sometimes you need to support your argument with information from other sources. It is, therefore, necessary to remember to cite your sources within the appendix section. All essays, including a final reflection essay, must be backed by strong evidence and academic sources.

Final reflection essay structure

Most academicians, whether in the College level, University level, or surviving the sleepless nights while undertaking Post-Graduate studies, end up searching on various search engines in an attempt to find free final reflection essay examples to come up with various contents as far as their final reflection essay topics are concerned. Numerous resources offer final reflection essay guidelines and even proper outlines, which, when used appropriately, will earn a student a good grade. Most examples that are freely downloadable, whether in word or PDF format, should not be used by students directly without doing some research to determine whether they are appropriate for the specific subject.

Final reflection project writing: The outline

Your final reflection essay should have four sections:

(15 points) Introduction and Background (1 page.) This is where you should introduce the topic of your reflection essay. What is the question or problem you are writing about? Why is it an important question? Assume your classmates are your audience; what information will they need to understand your topic? Be sure to define key terms or concepts that were not covered in class, and try to avoid re-hashing information from class.

(55pts) Review of Related Research Reports (sections 2 and 3 can be combined to some extent). Discuss the contribution of each study/paper to answering your question and what it leaves unanswered. Try to let the experimental question guide the narrative, rather than just going study-by-study. Make sure to specify what hypothesis is being addressed.

(15pts) Conclusion (~1 pg). This is where you thoughtfully discuss the impact of the studies on the topic you have chosen. Have these studies further our understanding of the question/issue? What remains unresolved? What questions have been raised?

(10pts) References. Use a standardized format for your references, such as APA publication format. Every article or book that you use should be cited. Remember: It is plagiarism not to give proper credit.

Writing quality academic final reflection essays that are well structured, properly cited, referenced, authentic, and unique is a mundane task that academicians grapple with time after time. This is because most final reflection essay requirements demand the utmost attention from students and the ability to develop an idea from scratch into a well-structured, convincingly argued, and beautifully presented reflection paper.

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