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Apps that write your essays for you.

You have ever wondered how things could be if there were apps that write essays for you rather than having to go searching for these services online? Well, you do not have to wonder anymore as there are already apps available to do just that. In the ever metamorphosing world, we need the latest technologies to help us navigate. With everything being done online, it is necessary to have all the things you need on you. Having apps that write essays for you goes a long way in simplifying your life. The apps help you connect with writers who write the essays for you, receive the paper, and make the payment right from your phone. There is, however, much more that can be done with apps that write essays for you. Here is just a glance into the apps:


What can you do with apps that write essays for you?

• Make an essay order by submitting your instructions on the app

• Communicate with your selected writer where you answer all questions they may have regarding your paper

• Track the writers' progress and control the writing process by communicating with your writer.

• Receive the completed orders and download them through the app

• Store all the papers you have ordered all in one place for future reference

• Get notifications on changes with your order

• Manage tasks for the assignments you decide to complete on your own

• Plan your day and review your tasks with day planners available in the app

• You can get the services similar to having a personal assistant right from your phone, free of charge.

How do the apps that write essays for you work?

Apps that write essays for you are primarily gateway access to writers on all fields of study; therefore, having the app of your phone gives you access to writers with expert knowledge on your field of study. These writers are available to answer all your questions. Besides, the apps have features that help you manage all your academic tasks right from one point. Therefore, you do not have to need the help of a writer for you to install the app. You can install it to manage your academic tasks. The apps have notification features as well as reminders, and therefore, all you have to do is add a task to your to-do list, set the deadline, and your phone will remind you when the deadline is approaching.

Ordering your paper through apps that write essays for you

If you are accustomed to the process of ordering a paper online, ordering the same through an app should be relatively straightforward. Here is a simple step by step process of ordering the paper.

1. After installing the app, open it, and then register your details.

2. Once you are done registering, log on to view the simple to use user interface.

3. This section allows you to see the various feature of the app under the dashboard. Here you can be able to upload the instructions of your assignment. Once you are done, submit the order, and the support team will get back to you. Some apps will give you direct contact with the writers, while others will only be through the support team.

4. Once your assignment gets handed to a writer, you will get a notification informing you about it. If the writer needs clarification regarding the assignment, you will get a notification prompting you to make the necessary clarification.

5. You are also required to make the payment when you order to expedite the writing process.

6. Just like ordering the assignment through a website, you get to set the deadline for your assignment, to which the writer adheres.

7. You can also ask for a prior draft of your assignment before the deadline has lapsed just to see the progress. This request is made at the time of order placement.

8. When the assignment is complete, you will receive it in the app or via email where you can download it in word format and use it as you intended.

A good app that writes essays should:

• Have a user-friendly interface

• Allow you the submit an order in a matter of minutes

• Allow you to set the deadline and calculate the amount you need to pay instantaneously

• Enable you to communicate with the support team whenever you need to

• Be easy to upload attachments if you need to for instructions to be followed by the writer.

• Always notify you if there is a matter that needs your attention.

• Allow you to download your completed paper instantaneously

• Avail a section for you to give feedback once you have received your paper

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